Cosmetic Dentistry – Aesthetic Dental Solution With Numerous Benefits

Of all the questions dental practitioners are asked, “what is cosmetic dentistry” is one of the most common. In this area, patients can regain their confidence and health by getting their worn, crooked, and stained teeth restored. While some procedures are optional, cosmetic dentists perform other procedures for wellness reasons. Here, readers will learn about the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures and their benefits.

Cosmetic Dentistry: What Is It?

Sometimes referred to as aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of patients' smiles while offering restorative benefits. The American Dental Association has yet to classify cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. Nevertheless, only dentists who have undergone the training to ensure patients' oral health and safety should perform cosmetic dental services.

Patients between 30 and 40 are the most common candidates for cosmetic dental treatment. Almost 97% of patients are female, but people of any gender or age group can benefit from this form of dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

While it's done primarily for aesthetic purposes, cosmetic dentistry has other benefits, including:

  • Increased self-confidence – Cosmetic dentists can help patients with crooked, broken, and stained teeth, restoring self-esteem.
  • Fewer dental issues – Cosmetic dentists promote good oral hygiene, which prevents minor issues from becoming widespread and expensive.
  • Better nutrition – Those patients with damaged teeth may find it hard to eat certain foods. However, with cosmetic dentistry treatments, patients can enjoy their favorites again.
  • Comfort = Broken and crooked teeth affect a person's appearance and are also uncomfortable. By treating underlying problems, cosmetic dentists help patients stay comfortable.
  • Fast recovery – Today's cosmetic procedures have shorter recovery periods than other treatments.

Schedule an appointment with a dentist to learn more about cosmetic dentistry's advantages.

The Most Popular Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field, and these are some of the most popular procedures.

  • Teeth whitening – Using bleaching agents and laser lights, cosmetic dentists can whiten stained, discolored teeth in less than an hour. The treatment's fast results make it one of the most popular procedures in dental offices.
  • Veneers – Veneers with customized caps and special adhesives provide instant results and a more uniform look. There are several dental veneers, with porcelain being a common choice.
  • Crowns – Dental crowns may be viable when decay, chipping, or cracking damages teeth. These caps are placed atop damaged teeth when fillings are no longer enough. Crowns are customized to fit patients' teeth and bonded using special adhesives.
  • Inlays – Sometimes known as partial crowns, inlays are molded covers placed over portions of a patient's teeth. Outside labs construct most inlays of ceramic or composite material. Because of their level of customization, they are one of the costliest cosmetic dental procedures.
  • Dental Implants – A dental implant is a tooth replacement dentists surgically affix to the jawbone. The procedure itself is somewhat invasive, but the results are permanent. Patients can get removable or fixed implants, but the former is easier to clean, maintain, and replace. Anyone over 18 with a healthy jawbone and gums can get dental implants.
  • Bonding – Most patients get dental bonding to repair chips, gaps, and irregularly shaped teeth. Dental professionals restore the natural appearance of the teeth using a special tooth-colored resin. In some instances, dental practitioners use bonding in place of metal fillings.
  • Teeth Straightening – When people are unhappy with how their teeth look, they often undergo teeth straightening treatment. A dentist might recommend it for medical reasons, or a patient might desire it for cosmetic reasons. A cosmetic dentist can correct a misaligned bite in either case.
  • Gum Contouring – A dentist may recommend gum contouring if a gummy smile affects a patient's self-confidence. The procedure sculpts and reshapes gum tissues, evening out crooked gum lines. In some instances, contouring is a prerequisite for crown placement. In contrast, dental practitioners use it to treat overgrowth or recession in others. Cosmetic dentists often use scalpels and lasers, with radiosurgery being necessary in extreme cases.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction – A full mouth reconstruction involves replacing or rebuilding most or all of a patient's teeth. Cosmetic dentists expect improvements in functionality and aesthetics from these procedures.

These and other procedures are all done with one goal: to give patients the healthy, good-looking smiles they deserve. Learn more about cosmetic dentistry by scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in the area.

Cosmetic Dentists Give Patients More Reasons to Smile

young girl in dental chair being examined for distema gap space between teethToday's cosmetic dental procedures make patients more confident in their smiles. Dentists are passionate about improving their patients' oral health and aesthetic outcomes. They use that focus to provide innovative treatments and outstanding results. Whether the patient's reasons are for better health or an improved appearance, experts expect cosmetic dentistry to be one of the future's fastest-growing dental specialties.

Brought To You By: Dr. Maryam Seifi, DDS, D.ASBA


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